Sunday, December 26, 2010


Hi once again sweethearts!

As you know, aquamarinecrafts is a website dedicated to fundraising efforts.

Even though Project Flow is still ongoing , marine life conservation is also an important area I am passionate about, hence this Coral Triangle Project. (:

If you feel you want to help conserve marine life , such as endangered sea turtles ( my main focus) within the Coral Triangle region, then help by purchasing these
handmade paper -quilled earrings for your friends and even yourself! (:

Coral Triangle Project

WHAT is it?
Through the WWF Coral Triangle Programme , we are working to safeguard the health of the region's national treasures and secure the millions of livelihoods that depend upon them by:

( they have several goals, but I'm focusing on this one):
  • Protecting marine turtles in the Indo-Pacific as this region is home to 6 of the 7 species of marine turtle, most of which are under threat.

For my part, I am releasing a current new collection of paper quilled earrings.
The collection is known as the MARINE LIFE SERIES as shown below.
Profits from this will go directly to WWF Coral Triangle Project.

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