Saturday, May 12, 2012

Spring Shades Collection Preview

Hi sunshines!

I have not made any new handmade accessories or stationery goods since the trip back from US. But I did catch alot of eye-opening designs and concepts when I was in New York and Philly. (: They have a wide range of paper products and beautiful fabric designs there! 

There were polaroid cameras, fish eye cameras, old school film cameras, toy cameras and much much more! I guess we see these products in the Singapore market too, but the amount of tech support and additional gadgets and accessories that come with it are just breathtaking. Anyone who owns a polaroid camera would love the range of polaroid film designs and effects they offer. 

I admit its going a lil bit off topic here! From handmade accessories to cameras... but in terms of sourcing for inspirations, the film and media industry in the US come up with such creative tech equipment, print media and stationery and they package everything so attractively! There's so much to learn from them and apply it to how we market our products, whether you're selling cookies, accessories, clothes and whether you're doing it as a business, a fundraiser or for charity, innovation and creativity helps alot. (:

Soooo I'll be back with a new collection on Spring Shades pretty soon! Also, a little announcement.
I've rented a booth at the Singapore Scape Flea for 17 June 2012! So for those who wish to order, you can collect your items from me directly at Scape flea rather than by the usual mail! (:

Stay tuned to Spring Shades Collection coming out soon! (:

I'll have a booth at the Scape flea on 17th june 2012. Mark your calendars! (:

Saturday, April 7, 2012

Roadtrips and more : April 2012

Hi everyone!

It'll be a month long hiatus from april till early May. Will be away on a 3 week roadtrip to US then a week long trip to Malaysia. So any orders you have on accessories and other inquiries will be put on hold for a month, apologies about that. :(

Before I close off for this month, I'd just like to say I"m always blessed and grateful in everyway and everyday that there are people like you who come around and create a positive butterfly effect in our lives.You may not know it or even know the phenomenal effect one good deed can do to the rest of the world, but be assured that your one small act of kindness or generosity will ripple through and probably touch somemone's life further down the road.

Cheers and much love,

Saturday, March 24, 2012

UPDATE: Simple Braided Headbands March 2012

Hi friends!

Some new additions to the headband collection.
I realise some of you prefer simple designs rather than the multi-coloured woven ones,
so here's an additional collection of 5-strand braided fabric headbands. (:

I've used headbands for ballet classes and other sports activities too. They work wonders and for once I've finally stopped losing those small black clips/bobby pins. I've already lost 2 boxes (=40 pins) in 2 months! So headbands were a good solution to my habit of losing small items. (: