Sunday, October 17, 2010

Inter-Continental Part II - Bali Beauty Edition

To order, e-mail
Please include the following in your e-mail:
1. Name
2.Contact No.
3. Item(s) to order

A confirmation e-mail will be sent to you with intructions on how to transfer the money as well as to confirm your order! (:

1. Pearl White Jasmine Bracelet
$5 (incl. mailing)

2. Pastel Green Seashell Necklace
$5 (incl. mailing)
Status : SOLD

3. Cherry Red Seashell Necklace
$5(incl. mailing)

4. Marine Seahorse Necklace
$5 (incl. mailing)

5. Star Glitter Pendant
$3( incl. mailing)

6. Silver Spire Pendant
$3 (incl. mailing)

7. Turquoise Blend Bracelet
$5 (incl. mailing)

8. Bejeweled Star Necklace
$5 (incl. mailing)

9. Cherry Red Beaded Necklace
$5 (incl. mailing)

10. Assorted Handpainted Beads
$5(incl. mailing)

E-mail to order! (:

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